Could Shaddai be the Ultimate in Superyacht Omnipotence?

Inside Marine loves a good yacht design concept and none have quite captured our collective imagination quite like the Gabriele Teruzzi designed Shaddai. Daniel Barnes and Filomena Nardi spoke to this creative Italian yacht designer about his latest creative vision.

Gabriele Teruzzi

The Shaddai is your first sole design under your own company name. What made you decide to produce a concept so unconventional?

Stylistically, this concept is definitely unusual because it comes from the desire to convey unique and strong emotions and feelings, whilst forgetting about formal and mental constraints and restrictions.

When stepping into the Shaddai, I want its owner to feel omnipotent. In my opinion, the design of a yacht should be able to evoke excitement.

What were your inspirations for the Shaddai and what has the response been like so far? 

The inspiration from Shaddai comes from my love of contemporary architecture, which is always evolving in search of new stylistic and functional solutions. I think that generally, yacht designs are quite closed and conservative.

From the media I have had incredible feedback, which to be honest I never expected. Maybe this is a sign that people are eager to see something new and original, something that can awaken new emotions. 

The 125ft high owner’s cabin is like nothing we at Inside Marine have seen before! What do you think would be the best part of an owner’s experience enjoying life on their yacht from this height?

The master cabin elevated 125ft above the water will give the owner the opportunity to observe the world from a different height and give him an extreme sense of power and omnipotence with views like never before on a superyacht. From this elevated cabin, the owner will enjoy a unique and incomparable experience, and feel dominant over everything that surrounds him.

Men have always expressed their desire to elevate themselves from the ground and reach the sky through historical buildings like the Tower of Babel, the Egyptian pyramids up to modern day structures such as skyscrapers. Shaddai is the ultimate example of this desire to touch the clouds and reach new heights.

One possible issue regarding the 125ft high cabin is its stability – is this a plausible concern?

The elevated position of the master cabin with the adjacent overhanging pool has been an interesting engineering case study topic. It is in fact necessary not only to ensure high standards of comfort for the owner but at the same time meet all stability requirements that are typically required for a yacht. 

For this reason, I have thought of a combined installation of zero-speed fins and gyro-stabilisers able to counteract the rolling motion of the yacht, when sailing and when anchored. In addition, it will be necessary to put in place a local stabilisation system throughout the master cabin. This is a solution very similar to the stabilisation platforms used for the wine cellars of the yachts, but on a larger scale.

Please tell us about your history in the yacht design industry. What yachts projects have you helped design that have actually been built? 

My involvement in the yacht design industry dates back to my university years when I decided to undertake a course in yacht design at the IED (European Institute of Design) for my final thesis. This involved the design of a 26m yacht with the company Filippetti Yacht as the project owner, with the studio Hot Lab acting as the teachers/project coordinators. My project was then presented at the Filippetti Yacht’s stand during the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Later on, thanks to a scholarship, I attended the Master course in Yacht Design and Construction at the IED of Turin, where I collaborated with Southern Wind Shipyard.

My professional growth continues today thanks to the collaboration with AM Yacht Design which has given me the chance to be involved and work on prestigious projects such as the 42m Mangusta Oceano currently under construction and which will be presented this year during the main 

boat shows. I have also worked on the 55m Mangusta Oceano, 48m Mangusta Grand Sport, Dominator Ilumen (also under construction), Dominator 800 which was built and presented in Cannes last year, and many other projects.

Why did you decide to go become a yacht designer? What excites you the most about being part of this industry? 

Suspended cabin

Attraction and passion are the two main motifs. Since I was a child, watching the yachts in the water fascinated me so much. I was spellbound by the contrast between the white hull and the blue sea. Then, as I grew older, I continued to have a strong passion for yachts and I was considerably attracted by the world that surrounds them. Therefore, I did not hesitate twice to pursue this career.

Among the various aspects of my work, what excites me the most is definitely the possibility of being able to fully express my own creativity whilst continuously pursuing the search for beauty.

The continuous refinement of aesthetics and style combined with the functionality of the yacht, as well as the creation of refined and exclusive exteriors and interiors, is what fascinates me the most.

What emotions do you feel when you see a yacht you have helped design finally launch into the water? 

Undoubtedly this is a unique emotion;  it feels like an immense achievement. Sometimes I almost think that I am involved in something bigger than myself. I hope that one day I will have the chance to see yachts completely designed by me or by my own studio design team sailing the sea. This is when my dream will definitely come.

How much would the Shaddai cost to build and who do you envisage purchasing this yacht if this concept was ever transformed into reality?

I think that the approximate price to build Shaddai is around €500 million. I believe that a possible buyer could be a sheik or a Russian tycoon, or at least someone willing to invest in something really fanciful and extravagant.

What do you currently have lined up on your drawing board to do next? 

I’m starting to work on a new concept, but the project is still at its embryonic stage... it will be a surprise!