At the forefront of the shipowner industry for over 110 years

Angus Frew, Secretary General and CEO

Regarded as one of the world’s most influential international shipping associations, BIMCO’s membership controls 56% of the world’s tonnage equating to an astonishing 1 billion DWT. Whether its penning documents, contracts and clauses, organising training courses, offering expert shipping analysis or a whole range of other support services, BIMCO acts as a true voice of reason across the shipping industry. Incredibly, the association manages all of this and more with a small team of just 50 employees. Daniel Barnes asked Angus Frew, who has held his position as Secretary General and CEO of BIMCO since 2013, about a number of key issues affecting BIMCO, its members, and the wider shipping community.  

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Creating a bustling hub of AUV activity

At the end of June, the infamous Boaty McBoatface, the latest type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), returned onboard the RRS James Clark Ross from its first scientific deployment in the Southern Ocean. The Autosub Long Range vehicle collected data on temperature, speed of water flow and underwater turbulence rates of the Orkney Passage, which is around 4,000m deep and roughly 500 miles from Antarctica. 

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Ship management association aims to bring seafarers and ship owners closer together

Capt Kuba Szymanski

InterManager, the trade association for in-house and third party ship managers, has stepped up as a leading industry voice in the pursuit for better working conditions at sea. On January 31st 2017, InterManager presented the findings of Project MARTHA, a report on the growing levels of fatigue at sea, to the IMO.  Capt Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General for InterManager, spoke to Daniel Barnes about a number of industry matters, including tackling the issue of fatigue for seafarers, his personal history in the shipping industry and the increasing role he believes InterManager will play in the future.  

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Setting the Container Shipping Example

Inside Marine meets Richard Binham, Director of Trade and Marketing for Maersk Deutschland at Maersk Line.

Operating 630 container vessels, Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company, with 306 offices in 114 countries, 7,700 seafarers and 22,000 land-based employees. Richard Bingham, Director – Trade and Marketing, Maersk Deutschland at Maersk Line, has worked in sales and trade roles within Maersk for over 12 years in London, Copenhagen and at his current location - Hamburg. From low freight rates, commitments to improve ship recycling in India, to the recently introduced verified gross mass regulation, his interview with Inside Marine’s Daniel Barnes covers a number of key issues globally felt across the shipping sector.

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