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Inside Marine loves a good yacht design concept and none have quite captured our collective imagination quite like the Gabriele Teruzzi designed Shaddai. Daniel Barnes and Filomena Nardi spoke to this creative Italian yacht designer about his latest creative vision.

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Inside Marine meets Richard Binham, Director of Trade and Marketing for Maersk Deutschland at Maersk Line.

Operating 630 container vessels, Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company, with 306 offices in 114 countries, 7,700 seafarers and 22,000 land-based employees. Richard Bingham, Director – Trade and Marketing, Maersk Deutschland at Maersk Line, has worked in sales and trade roles within Maersk for over 12 years in London, Copenhagen and at his current location - Hamburg. From low freight rates, commitments to improve ship recycling in India, to the recently introduced verified gross mass regulation, his interview with Inside Marine’s Daniel Barnes covers a number of key issues globally felt across the shipping sector.

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