Inside Marine at SMM


As a media partner of SMM 2016, Inside Marine’s presence at the event was so much more than a stack of magazines at the press booths. Editorial Manager Daniel Barnes had a busy schedule of company interviews – the fruits of which (articles on Holland Shipyards, Northern Tanker Company, Andritz and Dellner Brakes) can be read in the upcoming pages; Sales Director Richard Brightmore and Project Manager Robert Stacey each wore out a pair of shoes visiting many of the feature companies and advertisers that have supported Inside Marine over the years; and let’s not forget the sterling social media work carried out back at Inside Marine HQ by Jack Stalley. The trio of SMM attendees have given their own personal summaries of SMM 2016.


Richard Brightmore, Sales Director

Richard Brightmore, Sales Director (left)

“Visiting SMM is an essential ingredient to the continued success of Inside Marine. Being on the front line of communication with our customers, it is a special time for me to meet and put a face to the names of many of my customers. 

“The one thing that stood out for me this year was the recognition of our product from our customers who exhibited at the event. 

I spent the entire event speaking with current customers and was very proud of their reception for us.”

Daniel Barnes, Editorial Manager

Daniel Barnes, Editorial Manager (right)

“Having previously attended the 2012 and 2014 editions, this was my most enjoyable and productive SMM yet. There seems to be – on the most part – an aura of industry positivity that arguably has been missing 

in recent years; I think that this can best be summed up by the glut of weird and whacky marketing ploys many of the companies had obviously enjoyed coming up with at the Hamburg event with the intention to not only attract visitors to their stands, but make them smile too. 


Rob Stacey, 
Project Manager:

Rob Stacey, Project Manager (left)

“With this being my first SMM experience, I must admit I was overwhelmed when I arrived at the Hamburg Messe because of the sheer size of the event – but it didn’t take me long to find my bearings! Our #SMMFlair competition was a great ice-breaker when approaching new companies. Overall, the experience of speaking face-to-face with so many new and existing customers has already proven its worth. Thanks to #SMMFlair I have also created a lasting relationship with Baltic Workboats, due to appear within the next edition of the magazine.

“But perhaps the most important lesson I learned from the event came courtesy of Daniel who said to me: ‘If you have to buy your own lunch at SMM, you need better contacts!’”