Cleanup commences – System 001 has arrived

On October 3rd, System 001 by The Ocean Cleanup embarked on its final leg of the journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Ocean Cleanup has also announced that it has reached its intended location and has been deployed into operational configuration.

The Pacific Trials provided The Company with its last chance to test the system before it was taken to the patch. It was the first time The Ocean Cleanup ever configured the system in its U-shape and the first time The Company were able to observe the entire 600-meter system in action.

After 14 days of trialling, The Company concluded that System 001 was ready to brave the notorious Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The crew arranged the system back into the towing formation and made way to the heart of the patch, approximately 850 nautical miles from the location of the trial. On October 16th, after several days of unfavourable weather, the crew arrived in the patch; within the same day, System 001 was deployed back into its U-shape and finally in its intended location.

Before The Ocean Cleanup set out for the Pacific Trials, The Company identified three objectives that it believes will prove its technology. They are: Cleanup system behaviour: is it propelled by wind and waves, does it rotate fast enough, can it maintain its u-shape; Interaction between plastic and the clean-up system: does it efficiently collect and retain plastic; and survivability of the clean-up system: can the system endure harsh weather and the corrosive environment of the ocean.

The first objective has been cleared through the Pacific Trials; the last two can only be confirmed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, so The Company expect the remainder of 2018 to reveal a lot to everyone about System 001.

Track its progress here.