Red goes GREEN

‘Red Goes Green’ is the name given to Red Funnel’s new long-term environmental strategy announced recently.

It seeks to showcase the environmental successes of recent years and highlight a wide range of new green initiatives, including measures to change consumer behaviour in line with the company’s commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable and sympathetic manner.

With a focus on improving air quality, increasing recycling rates, reducing waste and packaging and encouraging sustainable travel, many of the ideas will require testing and MV Red Falcon will be used for this purpose. To raise public awareness, the ship has been rebranded with a green funnel and logo and the main passenger thoroughfare on B Deck will shortly display information about the measures being taken and how the public can get involved.

Fran Collins, Red Funnel’s CEO commented: “Environmental protection and sustainability has been part of our brand ethos for many years. In the mid-90’s, we voluntarily switched to using less-polluting low-Sulphur fuel which recently became mandatory in UK waters and in 2011 we were also one of the first ferry companies to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation in recognition of our processes and systems to protect the environment.”

“Our new ‘Red goes Green’ strategy incorporates discounts for electric vehicles, the trial use of eco-friendly Biofuel and a pledge to reduce waste, improve recycling and encourage changes in consumer behaviour. In summary, it marks the next step in a journey with our customers, suppliers and partners to safeguard the natural environment and reduce our ecological footprint.”