Advent Intermodal Solutions releases eModalPRO™ data services

Advent Intermodal Solutions, LLC. has released eModalPRO™ Data Services (EDS), a new platform to enable data collaboration between container terminals and supply chain stakeholders. 

Building upon the widespread adoption of eModal® North America’s largest port community portal, EDS helps beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and their logistics partners to save time manually searching for information and planning their operations by directly integrating key data securely between all systems. The result is a far more streamlined and automated end-to-end process that eliminates searching websites, emails, phone calls and confusing spreadsheets typically used to collect and share information about containerised cargo moving through the supply chain.

Designed specifically for high volume BCOs and their logistics partners, EDS makes key cargo data visible directly inside users’ operating systems. The platform provides a wide variety of options to both receive and transmit data, thus enabling all stakeholders to collaboratively share information to digitise and streamline their landside logistics operations.  Complementing eModal’s Port Community portal, EDS exposes key data such as vessel arrival, terminal location, container availability/status, outstanding fees and holds, current location, and other pertinent shipment and terminal information.  Rather than constantly searching for updates, EDS allows container status and availability information to be communicated directly between systems so that personnel only need to monitor exceptions and possible issues. 

The EDS service expands on the current eModalPRO platform with real-time REST APIs and other communication methods to make it simpler to integrate data however the customer wants.  Both importers and exporters can leverage EDS to automatically share container and/or booking data between terminals as well as any subsequent updates or changes with their supply chain partners in real-time. 

Peter Schneider, EVP at TGS Transportation, Inc, a large Californian drayage company and eModal user, says: "Real-time data integration is a game changer for TGS given the high volume of shipments we are moving each day. This will save us valuable time spent going to or sweeping multiple websites to continually check import availability or pre-advise export containers against bookings. Direct integration with our TMS and planning systems will eliminate both of these steps entirely."

By eliminating manual searching, emails and shared spreadsheets used to track cargo data, stakeholders have been shown to save up to 22 minutes per container. Most importantly, the service allows terminal operators to automatically share data back to port authorities mandating metrics and movement information as cargo moves through a port area.

 “We’ve shared container updates with key BCOs and large motor carriers for a while now via EDI, but the communication was one way and simply not fast enough for some carriers.  The EDS platform expands how customers can integrate the data, increases our speed of communication and enables a two-way, collaborative flow of information directly to all parties that need it. EDS gets data moving faster so that cargo moves faster,” said Allen Thomas, Advent CSO.