EU Member States in call to end crippling reporting formalities for ships

Led by Denmark, 13 EU Member States have called on the Commission to present an ambitious proposal on revising the Reporting Formalities Directive.

Danish Shipping strongly supports the ambition to sufficiently eliminate the huge administrative burdens on shipping operators in the EU.

The current directive introduced the National Single Windows to harmonise reporting obligations from ships into a single electronic system in the Member States but has instead created more burdens on ship operators in EU.

The 13-Member States belong to the group of ambitious countries willing to make right on the original objective of simplification and to lead on the creation of an Internal Market for shipping in the EU. In an official letter to the Commission, they want to “unleash the significant potential for simplification and harmonisation by making the Directive future proof and fit for the digital age by making better use of existing data sources and automation of administrative processes.”

Danish Shipping has stressed again and again the urgent need of correcting the adverse effects of the directive that have created new burdens rather than creating a real internal market for shipping in the EU. Today, captains and ship operators are required to report the same data over and over and in different formats for every EU-port. Sometimes even differently in ports in the same country. The push by the Member States will create a much-needed momentum and is welcomed with opened arms by Danish Shipping.

“We are extremely happy to see a big group of Member States willing to properly address an issue that produces great frustrations in the industry”, says Director of EU-Affairs Casper Andersen of Danish Shipping. He believes that there might be countries less enthusiastic about an ambitious solution, but given the pressing nature of the problem, he hopes to sway them.

The Commission proposal is set for publication 2nd May.