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The construction of New West Port in Kalundborg has begun

The first stone in the construction New West Port in Kalundborg was thrown over the railing and into Kalundborg Fjord right at the place where Kalundborg’s brand new port area will be completed in a couple of years.

The gold-plated stone was thrown over the railing by mayor Martin Damm in partnership with port director Bent Rasmussen and chairman of the port of Kalundborg, Jakob Beck Jensen. The three gentlemen threw the stone from the Samsoe Ferry to mark the beginning of the construction of New West Port.

“It is a big day for Kalundborg and I am feeling very positive about the expansion of the port. This will create new jobs, a stronger business cluster and increased settlements for the benefit of the entire municipality,” said Martin Damm, the mayor of Kalundborg.

New West Port will initially count 330,000 square metres, which will contain, among other things, a container terminal and a 500-meter continuous quay with a water depth of 15 metres. The facilities will include favourable conditions for port users and cruise lines, which is why the Port of Kalundborg considers the port expansion as an investment in the future.

“Today we placed the first stone in the necessary foundation for the port and the surrounding business cluster to continually actively contribute to business development, employment in the area and the cruise development. We need the new space if port-using businesses and the larger cruise ships of the future are going to find Kalundborg attractive,” said Jakob Beck Jensen, chairman of the Port of Kalundborg, during his speech.

With a large number of approvals from relevant authorities and environmental agencies, the construction of New West Port has now officially begun. The construction of the new port area is divided into two contracts, one being the land-based construction while the other covers the dredging at sea. Both contracts were signed before the big event.

“A lot of planning has gone into the construction of New West Port and now the construction has finally begun. So today, we are very happy,” said Bent Rasmussen, director of Kalundborg Port.

The Port of Kalundborg expects the port expansion to be completed in February 2019.