eMaritime Group Introduce Beta Version of World's First Next Generation LCS Simulators

eMaritime Group have developed the Beta Version for the world's first Live Constructive Simulation (LCS) maritime simulators. Life-like graphics and connecting live data from the shipping industry directly into the simulator create a fully immersive training environment.

This next generation of maritime simulation will vastly increase not only training realism, but also safety, as artificially generated training scenarios are limited by the instructors imagination. However, injecting live real-time information into the scenario gives truly genuine situations by which to conduct training.

eMaritime Group have worked closely with a world-leading 3D environment developer to ensure both hyper-realistic graphics and physics engine are world-leading and create a natural environment for both the instructor and students. 

An additional feature to these new simulators is the massive energy and component saving benefits. Each simulator can be powered and controlled by one high-end PC rather than a entire server room as currently required. This also means far simpler running, requiring less man-power and zero support to control a full mission bridge simulator. 

"It has been a long time in the making and is a complete rebuild of the way simulators work from the ground up. Live Constructive Simulation (LCS) is the next generation in Maritime training and will revolutionise the current Global maritime simulation market."  - Neil Savage, Lead technician for LCS project