Poseidon’s grudge against Odysseus is thankfully not extended to Inside Marine

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director John White discusses the never-ending technological evolution required by ship owners and operators in what is a highly competitive, challenging and exciting global industry.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Marine. We have packed as much news, titbits and features in to the pages that follow as our parameters allow in order to keep you updated on the shipping industry’s best and brightest. This edition focuses on ship owners and operators, celebrating successes and achievements across the globe. 

As we enter these final months of 2017, many of us will be looking back on all that has happened throughout the year, and all we plan to accomplish in the future. Owners and operators have a lot to consider in this regard, with new technologies incoming from port to starboard, the need to stay cutting-edge and efficient in a forever varying pool of competition, especially with the heat being turned up on environmental regulations and responsibilities.

Being in the privileged position of reading many of the articles in this magazine before they have indeed reached this final publication stage, a couple of buzz words kept popping up throughout many of the features. I noted that efficiency and transparency seem imperative for ship management companies, and well-maintained ships with a constant flow of business are the chief objectives for a ship owner. Effectively, one cannot exist in harmony without the other. Both depend on the other to ensure a peaceful existence in the seas of contest.

Comparing the ship owner and operator industries to a living organism is an analogy I now intend to run with, so please bear with me! All creatures on this earth have evolved into their current form as a result of its environment as well as many other factors; the same can be said for the thousands of talented humans who oversee all aspects of the beating heart that makes up global shipping industry. 

The shipping industry must continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing demands it faces. And to use a cheesy cliché that relates as much to the evolution of creatures as it does businesses, ‘survival of the fittest’ from a shipping perspective relates as much to the sharp minds in the offices onshore as it does the crews at sea and the overall maintenance of each and every vessel. 

Technological advances are one of the ways that keep companies in the sector at the top of their game. And as ever, Inside Marine is on hand to offer insight into the latest innovations, including the latest developments with autonomous shipping, ships being converted to connect to power grids while in port, other ships integrating solar panels onboard to improve their carbon footprint, and new developments with rotary sails. 

These technical solutions, however, need data to make well-informed decisions. Quality data needs to be collected, analysed and sorted to see what is working, what isn’t, and how to go forward. This is especially important when identifying risks, hazards and breakdowns in communication. Collecting data makes for improved ship management, and by association, smoother sailing for the ship owners.

With all this to consider, from my layman’s perspective of the intriciacies of what is such a complex industry, it appears that those in the know will continue to develop and change with the surging tide of advancement. They will continue to innovate and collaborate, for the relationship between ship owner and operator is one of great importance and often intertwined. 

I shall now disembark from my thoughts and allow you to delve into this latest edition of Inside Marine. But before I do I will leave you with this; the skill acquired from both owners and operators feeds the imagination of those who develop and thrive. It will feed my imagination, and I look forward to seeing what advancements will come next in such an exciting time of change.                                            

John White - Managing Director