Bureau Veritas launches new app for surveyors

My Jobs - the new digital app launched by Bureau Veritas supports in-service surveyors for class and statutory surveys.

My Jobs, a mobile application developed by the Marine & Offshore division of Bureau Veritas (BV) to facilitate the survey process from end to end, allows BV’s ships in service surveyors to access up to date information on mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Since its launch, over 20% of BV surveyors are now using the  mobile app to carry out live reporting on the spot. BV says the core functionality of the app is a smart and digital checklist, as well as a range of other documents, including the request for survey. 


According to BV, the My Jobs app benefits both surveyors and clients enabling significant time savings and improvements in reporting. Before and during a survey documents can be reviewed, defining the scope of the survey and enabling live reporting. My Jobs reduces paper processing on-board by introducing digital documents validated by electronic signature on a mobile device.


Philippe Donche-Gay, President, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore said, “Digital is transforming our world and changing the way we work. We are evolving with our clients and innovating to support the safety and performance of their assets and operations. My Jobs will help us to deliver the highest levels of service to shipowners.”


My Jobs was designed with the involvement of 30 BV surveyors around the world. Following a successful pilot phase, the first version of My Jobs is now available world-wide. BV’s surveyors are welcoming its functionality as well as the positive impact and impression on clients.