Big increase in vessels receiving environmental discounts at the Port of Gothenburg in 2016

Port of Gothenburg’s environmental discount incentive ‘highly encouraging’ said Edvard Molitor, Environmental Manager at Gothenburg Port Authority.


Last year, one in every three ships at the Port of Gothenburg received an environmental discount on the port charges, as more vessels entering the largest port in Scandinavia were classified as green according to the industry environmental indexes. 


In total, 75 vessels received a discount of 10% on the port charges compared to 41 in 2015, representing an increase of 83% on the previous year. Heading the discount list are Donsö-based shipping companies Terntank and Furetank, whose vessels are powered by LNG.


Edvard Molitor, Environmental Manager at Gothenburg Port Authority, said: “The growing number of vessels classified as green is highly encouraging. They are also vessels that call at the port on a regular basis. We want to reward the shipping companies for their green initiatives. For the average freight vessel, the environmental discount could result in savings of tens of thousands of kronor." 


The discount is based on two separate environmental indexes - Environmental Ship Index and Clean Shipping Index. Vessels that have a score of at least 30 according to ESI, or which are classified as green according to CSI, receive a 10% discount on the port charges. 


An additional discount is available for vessels that run on LNG. In total, these vessels receive a 30% discount each time they call. In 2016, two vessels received the maximum discount. These were Ternsund and Fure West, owned by Donsö-based shipping companies Tärntank Ship Management AB and Furetank AB.


“Swedish shipping companies are very much at the forefront when it comes to LNG, methanol, hybrid electric ships and other eco-smart solutions,” said Edvard Molitor.

Now it is even simpler for shipping companies to secure a discount. Previously, companies were required to register their vessels with Port Control at the Port of Gothenburg. With effect from January 1, 2017, registration takes place automatically when vessels call at the port. Vessels running on LNG will still need to report to the Gothenburg Port Authority to secure the discount.