Celebrating 10 Years of Green Yachting

RINA will be celebrating 10 years of providing its well-recognized Green yacht certification at the Monaco Yacht Show from 27th – 30th September 2017.

“Green Plus” was designed in response to the demands of the yachting industry to prove environmental commitment and at the same time to offer the flexibility needed to cover the variety of uses and changing technology associated with super-yachts.

Fiorenzo Spadoni, Italy Yachting Centre Manager at RINA Services said, “The flexibility of the Green Plus additional class notation means we can add new technology innovations to the framework as they are adopted. It is important that this voluntary certification promotes breakthrough technology that further improves environmental performance in this sector.”

Originally introduced in 2007 as ‘Green Star’ notation to support the needs of the expedition sector, changes to the Green Plus framework made the scheme future-proof with the capability to evaluate a yacht’s overall environmental performance. The framework comprehensively evaluates clearly defined areas of pollution affecting the sea and the air.

Spadoni continued, “How well this goal-based class notation is considered by the industry is shown by the fact that it is voluntarily requested by around 80% of our own clients for vessels over 40m. We continue to innovate and adapt such services to meet all modern demands of the industry.”

Unlike MARPOL and other regulations, which are sometimes unable to keep up with technological advances and expectations and do not cover all new aspects of environmental impact, the Green Plus notation demonstrates an owner’s full commitment to make their operations ‘greener’. For those that truly go the extra mile in this area, further recognition and prestige are gained above the standard Green Plus certification with ‘Green Plus Yacht Gold’ and ‘Green Plus Yacht Platinum’.

A step forward and a natural evolution of the Green Plus is the new Environmental Footprint class notation provided by RINA. It is based on assessing environmental impact through the entire life cycle of the yacht. Using Life Cycle Assessment methodology, it appraises all environmental impacts and is designed to drive the manufacturing and marketing of increasingly ‘green’ products.

Spadoni concluded, “We are looking forward to the Monaco Yacht Show and celebrating the success of the Green Plus certification. Like many of our services, this notation was developed in response to the demands of our customers. We will continue to listen, adapt and advise to ensure RINA remains a trusted partner to the yachting industry.”