First innovative fuel saving foil Hull Vane® at Monaco: placed on Dynamiq GTT 115

At the Monaco Yacht Show, Dynamiq Yachts will launch its 35m GTT115, stated as ‘the first superyacht with Porsche DNA’.  

Behind the transom of this 35m superyacht as an innovative fuel saving foil, called the Hull Vane®, is positioned under water. This Hull Vane® effects efficiency and comfort onboard the yacht.

The Hull Vane® is a patented fixed foil located below the stern of a ship. Developed by renowned Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen, it influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift, which is partially oriented forward. This innovation improves the yacht's efficiency, and improves the seakeeping. When sailing in waves, the Hull Vane® will reduce the pitching and yawing motions of the yacht, ensuring a smoother ride and more days on the water.

Bruno Bouckaert, Sales Director of Hull Vane BV said “If GTT 115 was a car, you could say that its Hull Vane® improves both the aerodynamics and the suspension system, resulting in a smoother, more efficient ride.”

The Hull Vane® on GTT 115 increases the yacht’s range at 12 knots by 14.5%, leading to exceptional efficiency.  The Hull Vane® dampens both the pitching and yawing motions when sailing in waves. GTT 115 also features two pairs of fin stabilizers to reduce the roll.  The combination of a Hull Vane® and fin stabilizers significantly reduces the cork-screwing motion when sailing in waves. According to Bouckaert this improves the comfort onboard, which eventually leads to more days on the water, further off the beaten track. “And that’s what this yacht is all about”.

Comparative model tests with a Hull Vane® on similar vessels have shown around 20% reduction of the vertical accelerations, and a reduction in added resistance, due to pitching of around 30%.”