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Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee appoints new Managing Director

Bastiaan Rigter has been appointed Managing Director of Scheepswerf Kooiman Hoebee. He will be taking over from Roel Mosterdijk, who has stepped down from his position as Managing Director.

Bastiaan Rigter (1976) already visited the Hoebee shipyard as a child, on board the vessel of his parents, who were clients of the firm. Indeed, it seemed only natural that Bastiaan would embark on a career in the maritime sector. After earning a degree at the institute of technology (HTS), he worked for the Kooiman Marine Group for approximately 18 years. In 1999 Bastiaan joined Kooiman Engineering as a designer, and in 2004 he became company manager at Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman in Zwijndrecht. In 2007 Bastiaan was appointed Director of Scheepswerf Kooiman van Os in Yerseke. The shipyard enjoyed substantial growth under his management.

“Over the next few years, our main focus will be on further building our market position in the Netherlands and far beyond. We will be investing in a new stem dock, which we intend to take into use before the end of the year,” stated Bastiaan Rigter: 

The dimensions of the dock are 40x21x4 (LxBxT), and is expected to create options for deep-draught vessels that are currently limited to using the large-scale shipyards along the sea coast.

“In addition, inland and sea-going vessels will have to spend less time on the slipway, since a share of the work can be completed in the stem dock,” added Mr Rigter. “This benefits both our clients – who save on money that would otherwise be paid for days on the slipway – and Kooiman Hoebee – since it can accommodate more vessels on its slipways in a given time span. 

“The new stem dock also allows us to expand our service range with ‘on the spot’ services. The plan is to increasingly develop Scheepswerf Kooiman Hoebee into a full-service shipyard that clients can turn to for a range of services besides regular maintenance. It’s important in this context to preserve continuity. We need to both retain our existing clients and offer services to new ones. We want to take all our clients’ concerns off their hands, from A to Z. That’s our mission.”

Scheepswerf Kooiman Hoebee BV is located in Dordrecht’s 1st Merwedehaven, with excellent access for shipping traffic. The shipyard has a modern, 150-metre-long transverse slipway and a capacity of 4,200 tonnes. Its facilities include spacious repair quays with sufficient crane capacity. 

Bastiaan Rigter said he believes in a personal approach: “Everyone is free to contact me directly, on my cell number +31 (0)6 10970134 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s important for us to quickly give you a concrete answer. I serve as the public face of Scheepswerf Kooiman Hoebee, and I want to embody the personal approach we stand behind as a shipyard.”