Hansa heavy lift successfully transports two giant ship unloaders from uk to the netherlands

The shipping line only had 28-year-old drawings of the units which made the project uniquely challenging. HANSA HEAVY LIFT has successfully transported two giant ship unloaders, each weighing 870 metric tonnes and measuring 28.0m x 38.5m x 58.0m, from Tilbury, the UK to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The heavy lift specialist’s engineering team only had 28-year-old handmade drawings of the two units to work with as they prepared for the project, which was carried out in stages on two consecutive voyages aboard HHL Tokyo.

“This was a uniquely challenging operation whereby we had very limited data available in the planning stages, including no precise weight or centre of gravity (COG) information due to the age of the units,” said Emek Ersin Takmaz, Head of Projects, Engineering Department, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“Further, these cranes were not designed to be lifted, mandating a complex lifting arrangement which required specialist engineering expertise.

“HANSA HEAVY LIFT overcame all these obstacles after undertaking a series of detailed analyses and careful calculations conducted by our in-house team of engineers.”

The units were loaded at Tilbury Power Station, which is situated on the River Thames and has a tidal range of 6m. This meant that during low tide the water depth was insufficient for the HHL Tokyo.

In order to overcome this issue, a spacer  barge was used in-between the vessel and the pier.

A Mooring Analysis was also carried out to find the most effective mooring arrangement for the required station-keeping of the vessel.

Engineers also undertook a Motion Response Analysis, using Global Wave Statistics seasonal data, to assess the maximum motion induced forces acting on the cargo during the voyage.

Based on the results, the required amount of seafastening points were designed and placed on the strong points of the units which made the ship unloaders suitable to be transported on a heavy lift vessel.

“We kept in very close contact with our client Armitt Group, from the onset of this challenging project,” said Christian Wiechmann, Commercial Manager, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“We would like to thank them for their important contributions towards the realization and success of this project, and we look forward to continuing our business partnership with them.”

“HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s commercial, engineering, and operations teams provided a first-class service throughout the project,” said Scott Lang, Armitt Group Projects Manager.

“They worked professionally, thoroughly, and technically to overcome every eventuality that occurred as a result of the limited information available of these aged units.

“We look forward to working with HANSA HEAVY LIFY again in the near future.”