Probunkers invites proposals for building 7 LNG bunkering vessels

Probunkers, the new and fast-growing company that brings the future of bunkering today, is taking one more step towards the implementation of its ambitious LNG Bunkering project by inviting stakeholders’ proposals for the design of the company’s LNG Bunkering Vessels.

 As the expansion of LNG as a marine fuel is rapid into shipping, Probunkers is turning into a world-class investment opportunity, by building a reliable global-scale LNG bunkering network.

According to the project, Probunkers will design, build and operate a fleet of modern, eco-friendly LNG bunkering vessels to brace the ever-changing needs of global shipping. At this stage, the company is interested to build seven LNGBVs, which will operate in various ports worldwide, and invites companies to submit initial, concept design proposals, along with outline specification and General Arrangement for such type of vessel.

Proposals can be submitted until Friday 29th March. Probunkers’ Technical Manager, Andreas Zompanakis, is responsible and will supervise the entire process. 

Probunkers is committed to contributing to the development of LNG marine infrastructure by providing premier and reliable LNG bunkering services, and aims to be among the early movers who will support the future of Sustainable Shipping and Green Energy.

The company will have shareholding control over a group of companies operating in the sectors of shipping and energy. The Shipping division will design, build, own and operate a fleet of LNG supply vessels. They will all be single vessel entities owned 100% by Probunkers.