M/Y Voyager customised 3-year conversion to luxury yacht is now complete

Voyager Maritime Alliance Group has announced the successful completion of the biggest project in their 30-year history.

Internally referred to as ‘The Big Project’ as it is the largest superyacht conversion ever in the USA. VMAG project managed this complex refit from a 90m commercial ship and converted it with a multitude of unique features to become the first fully integrated ocean-going luxury yacht. The five-deck M/Y Voyager has the capacity to house up to 70 crew.

David Leone, President of VMAG commented: “With our team of technical engineers, I knew we could accomplish this particularly complex project. Impeccable Project Management was a key element to control the early stages that encompassed customised carpentry, welding, fabrication, vessel infrastructure cabling and detailed CAD design utilising naval architecture design and services. Very little was left untouched throughout the vessel, so it was crucial to manage each section of the refit, in the right order, to avoid any delays and additional costs.”

David Leone continues by saying, “I am particularly proud to create the first ever entire superyacht vessel integration, with over 3,000 monitored points. This was some achievement! This means that anywhere on the vessel there are access points that can monitor any type of activity, i.e. navigation, security, radar, engines, generators, power distribution, fuel, water etc., to enable the Captain to have complete control of the vessel, whether he is at the helm, in the sun lounge or in his cabin.”

At the bridge, a customised console designed by us and manufactured by Radio Zeeland was fitted with touch screen technology. The touch-screen consoles enable you to move from one screen to the other seamlessly, for quick and easy viewing. The multiple screens at the bridge all have glass insert panels, not just for improved aesthetics, but to enhance viewing angles and display readability. There is also a glass-touch switch that is integrated into several external components, such as tracking, radar, security cameras, fuel usage, bilge, for additional monitoring and control.

Another unique featuring is the integrated video switching, showing strategic areas of the vessel using laser detection sensors with advanced analytical ability and low power consumption paired with high-grade analytic cameras and advanced software control systems. VMAG’s proprietary software can record and show activity in real-time so that any necessary action can be deployed immediately. As the boat has a large helipad, the integrated video switching plays a key element for additional security and monitoring.

VMAG manufacture customised digital and analogue marine controllers and contactors to support total vessel automation. Using this product range, they created a variety of contactors and controllers to take care of fire doors, fuel control valves, bow and stern thrusters, pumps, ventilation, etc., so that the entire engine room could be remotely controlled and monitored, via touch screen technology.