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Indian Maritime Unions initiate a series of welfare schemes for seafarers

Taking a cue from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to the nation, India’s leading maritime unions, The Maritime Union of India (MUI) and National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) have initiated a series of welfare measures in a bid to serve 1.3 million Indian seafarers.

In the last few years, Prime Minister Modi’s policy on boosting the economic prosperity of India through welfare measures undertaken by Indian companies and credible trade bodies of India has gained worldwide attention.

“For the first time in the history of MUI since its inception, we recently formed a Women’s Wing, primarily to facilitate medical and psychological assistance to family members of Indian seafarers. This illustrious Wing will be headed an Indian merchant navy office’s wife, Mrs Saleha Shaikh,” said MUI General Secretary Amar Singh Thakur. 

NUSI General Secretary Mr Abdul Gani Serang added that NUSI’s mobile applications like ‘NUSI Sahara’ and ‘NUSI Sanjeevani’ have become extremely popular amongst Indian seafarers’ keen on seeking assistance free of cost assistance on a variety of issues and concerns related to their family members.

In its ‘Union Budget 2018’ scheduled to be presented in Indian Parliament on February 1, 2018, Government of India is likely to share data related to corporate social responsibility projects and welfare schemes introduced by Indian companies, trade associations and unions of various sectors in the country. 

MUI is affiliated with UK based International Transport Workers' Federation representing over 600 transport workers' trade unions in over 135 countries, representing around 5 million workers across the globe. NUSI, a 125-year old shipping trade union based in Mumbai, is currently in alliance with MUI to form Indian Seafarers Federation.