American Offshore Services launches second vessel supporting US offshore wind

The launch of crew transfer vessel (CTV) M/V Generater adds to a new series designed for the US market, built upon many years of Northern Offshore Services’ (N-O-S) experience in the rough European waters.

M/V Generater is vessel number two in the G-Class vessel series, designed to transport offshore wind technicians and equipment to the rapidly expanding offshore wind industry on the US East Coast.

“We have an important role to play in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms,” said Michael Burbelo, Managing Director of American Offshore Services (A-O-S). “The industry depends on technicians being rapidly transported to towers for maintenance. Our G-Class vessels are highly specialised and designed specifically for safe and reliable operations, all year round, in harsh North Atlantic conditions.”

Generater is a 99 ft, Jones Act-compliant catamaran to serve the US East Coast. Like sister vessel Gripper, she is of N-O-S in-house design with focus on comfort for crew and technicians. This makes it possible to stay offshore for 24-hour operations. The G-Class delivers superior sea performance, ensuring technicians arrive at the wind farm feeling rested and prepared to perform at their best.

Well-researched design

Some of the design highlights are the soft bow, carefully sculpted hull and proprietary fenders, allowing the vessels to work in higher sea states with better station-keeping ability when pushing onto turbine towers. Whether remaining offshore for a week, or making multiple voyages in a day, the vessels are equipped to be self-sufficient and highly flexible. They offer enhanced efficiency and manoeuvrability, using only the power required in the current situation.

The technology has been developed over the last 16 years by A-O-S’ Swedish sister company N-O-S, today the world’s leading CTV operator.

“In the U.S. this is a new class of crew transfer vessels. A-O-S is one of few pioneers in the field, backed up by experience from the more mature European offshore wind industry,” said David Kristensson, Group CEO of Northern Offshore Group. “We have developed our standard and DNA of high quality, proven and dependable technology. We have strong beliefs in the U.S. market, where we can support the expansion of offshore wind.”

Future proof technology

The G-Class vessels are hybrid-ready, built to be quickly converted as soon as the industry calls for it. Two more vessels are under construction for delivery.

“Generater’s sister vessel Gripper has remained under contract every single day since launch,” Mr Burbelo said. “The reviews we have received so far have been fantastic. We see the potential for continued expansion of our fleet going forward. We are just getting started.”

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