boatcare announces collaboration with Sleipner

boatcare, a national boat maintenance company, founded by national boating business, boatfolk has announced a new partnership with Sleipner, a world-renowned technology company known for its products that improve safety and comfort in boats up to 160 feet.

The partnership will begin immediately and is set to elevate the offering of boatcare throughout the UK. Sales and service of Sleipner’s cutting-edge technology will be available at all boatcare’s outlets within all 11 of boatfolk’s marinas across the UK.

This partnership will see boatcare offering sales and servicing of Sleipners’ thruster, stabiliser steering, and anchor windlass products. Customers can expect to see an improvement in safety, comfort and service quality with the upcoming collaboration.

Smooth docking becomes effortless with the inclusion of thrusters, enabling seamless manoeuvring even in the tightest marinas and challenging weather conditions. Yacht stabilisation also reaches new heights with Sleipner’s Vector Fins™, ensuring optimal performance during cruising and at anchor, expanding the opportunities for yacht usage.

An anchor windlass simplifies the anchoring process, employing a controlled free-fall system that streamlines operations, allowing users to focus on guiding the boat smoothly to shore. Steering comfort will receive a boost with Sleipner’s hydraulic steering systems, crafted to suit a diverse range of recreational boats. Customers can easily select the most suitable equipment from a wide range of pumps, cylinders, and accessories, ensuring a tailor-made solution for their boat’s specific requirements.

Deena Currie, Group boatcare Sales and Marketing Manager, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration with Sleipner, highlighting the significant impact it will have on boatcare’s services. She stated: “By joining forces with Sleipner, we are not only expanding our product offerings but also enhancing our service capabilities. This partnership allows us to provide expert advice and support to customers who haven’t previously had local access to a specialist partner.

“We are poised to elevate our boatcare services, enhance customer satisfaction, and set new standards of safety and comfort. We are excited to embark on this journey with Sleipner and look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.”

While the partnership is not exclusive to boatcare, it does represent a marked expansion for Sleipner products in the south-west region.

Russell Chadwick, General Manager Sleipner UK, celebrated the impact the partnership will have on Sleipner customers: “We are excited to announce that, due to remarkable growth and interest in the world-leading thruster range, we are expanding our Dealership network throughout the UK. We are thrilled to officially welcome aboard boatcare, who will help us remain dedicated in providing customers the best possible service.”