Fibre optic hull monitoring chosen for eight newbuild LNG carriers

Light Structures AS, the world leading supplier of fibre optic condition monitoring systems based on Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, has been contracted by its partner China Merchants Hoi Tung company to deliver and install Hull Stress Monitoring Systems for eight newbuild LNG carriers. The vessels are owned by two separate consortia for operations in the Middle East and are being built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding for delivery through 2024 to 2026.

Light Structures will provide precise hull monitoring data to the LNG vessels using the standardised SENSFIB Global system. While essentially a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product, SENSFIB Global installations are always configured according to vessel design. This ensures that its precision sensors record the most accurate data on ‘global bending moments,’ which can be used to minimise hull stress and fatigue, and therefore ensure the ship meets its designed operational lifecycle.

SENSFIB Global also meets new requirements detailed as part of new SMART notations from classification societies including ABS, BV and DNV. This ensures the system is ready to provide data as part of a wider digital condition-based monitoring system, which unlocks the potential to reduce operational costs by extending the time between dry docking for vessels repairs.

“While SENSFIB Global’s primary role is the provision of onboard decision support based on real-time data, our experts also analyse the same data as part of enhanced annual reports that help our customers to plan for the long-term effects of hull stress and fatigue on their LNG vessels and any other type of ship,” said Goetz Vogelmann, Sales Director, Light Structures.

Light Structures AS was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and is now established as the leading provider of turnkey fibre optic stress and fatigue monitoring systems based on Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. Light Structures leverages its passion for monitoring to deliver custom solutions based on its SENSFIBTM portfolio for the qualification of uncertainties in relation to ship and maritime asset design, safety and operations. More than 300 SENSFIBTM systems have been installed globally for diverse applications, vessels and customers. Light Structures is headquartered in Oslo and has a growing network of international offices. SENSFIBTM solutions are sold through a dedicated network of partners and agents worldwide.

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