Funding boost for Solent’s zero emission maritime ambitions

Maritime UK Solent is delighted that several Solent-based maritime organisations have been successful in securing over £32 million funding in the Government’s Zero Emissions Vehicles and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition, ensuring a significant portion of the £80 million match-funding made available by the government will support clean innovation in the Solent.

The funding will support the design and development of clean maritime solutions and is being made available for the construction and set-up of projects which can demonstrate zero emission solutions in a real-world environment.

Anne-Marie Mountifield, Chair of Maritime UK Solent, congratulated the Solent organisations who had secured national funding, saying: “We are immensely proud of our Solent-based maritime organisations for their outstanding achievements in the ZEVI competition.

“This significant government funding recognises their dedication to driving innovation in clean maritime technologies and sets a powerful example for the entire industry. These successes will not only accelerate the shift towards zero-emission vessels but also create new job opportunities and stimulate investment in our region. These successes reflect the Solent region’s dedication to driving the maritime industry towards a sustainable and greener future.”

The ZEVI competition, a crucial component of the government’s commitment to reducing emissions and promoting green shipping, recognised the pioneering efforts of several organisations based in the Solent area, reinforcing its position as a hub for innovation and excellence in the maritime sector.

The Solent organisations successful in the ZEVI competition are: Lloyd’s Register EMEA, H Taylor & Son, Aqua Superpower Limited, Cheetah Marine International LTD, Urban Truant Power LTD, RAD Propulsion LTD, Royal Yachting Association, Wight Shipyard Company Limited, Portsmouth International Port and Barter for Things Limited and Ocean Infinity Innovations Limited.

The ZEVI competition represents a critical step towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible maritime industry. The government’s commitment to supporting green shipping initiatives aligns with Maritime UK Solent’s vision of a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous maritime future for the Solent region and beyond.

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