JETSense - Intelligent Voyage Control

HamiltonJet unveils JETSense – Intelligent Voyage Control with Sea Machines’ Autonomous Technology

HamiltonJet has unveiled JETSense, its latest intelligent voyage product, in collaboration with Sea Machines’ Autonomous Technology.

JETSense is a 3-in-1 system featuring navigation, multi-sensor fusion and computer vision to move waterjet-powered vessels to the forefront of 21st century navigation and utility.

It utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced autonomy to perceive the domain and maintain precise control of steering and speed during a voyage and re-route to avoid traffic and obstacles, while enabling a new level of streaming data to improve on-water operations.

JETSense is a natural collaboration between HamiltonJet, creators of the world’s most advanced positioning and manoeuvring systems, giving pinpoint accurate control over a vessel and Sea Machines robotics.

The leading developer of global autonomous command control systems and long-range computer vision perception for the maritime industry.

It is the culmination of a partnership announced earlier this year to offer a helm-based system to advise, safeguard or assume active control of open water vessel transits.

HamitonJet’s CEO Ben Reed says JETsense is the first product on the market to incorporate Sea Machines’ advanced vision package.

“It pairs on-board autonomy with enhanced situational awareness (through cameras, radar, AIS, depth, etc.) in a way that is highly desirable in many manned applications. Throughout development, we prioritized helm integration and the ease-of-use for mariners,” says Ben Reed.

“Most operators do not want to or cannot remove the skipper and crew from the vessel. This system gives them an opportunity to grasp the advantages of autonomy: improved safety, greater productivity, and pinpoint accuracy, while remaining totally in control at all times. We believe it is a glimpse of the future of marine autonomy.”