HAV Design to develop ammonia-fuelled wellboat

Wellboat company North Salmon Service has chosen HAV Design as cooperation partner to develop an ammonia-fuelled wellboat.

North Salmon Service and HAV Design have together applied for and been awarded financial support from Enova to conduct a six-month preliminary project to develop the wellboat.

“As wellboat operator, we have a strong desire to contribute towards limiting our climate and environmental footprint associated with production of salmon,” said Arnt Erling Paulsen, Managing Director of North Salmon Service. “That is why we want to assess the possibility of developing a wellboat that through use of ammonia as ship fuel may have zero emission potential.”

The vessel will be equipped with a dual-fuel engine capable of sailing with ammonia as fuel. The intention is also that the vessel will be outfitted with the most advanced equipment available to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“We will together with North Salmon Service develop a wellboat concept that sails as effectively as possible, with associated reductions in emissions and operating costs,” said Jan Magne Goksøyr, Vice President Sales at HAV Design.

HAV Design will design the vessel and optimise it technologically to carry out wellboat operations and at the same time ensure maximum utilisation of green fuels. To achieve this, North Salmon Service and HAV Design will contribute with their respective specialist competence within operating profiles for ships and operational know-how for wellboats.

North Salmon Service and HAV Design will together identify technologies and subcontractors that can contribute towards the long-term target of building an ammonia-fuelled wellboat. HAV Design’s sister company HAV Hydrogen could be a potential cooperation partner for the preliminary project.

Ammonia is interesting as a ship fuel because it is easy to compress and store as a liquid, and thus a suitable medium for bunkering on board ships. Further, the maritime industry already has extensive experience with ammonia as cargo and refrigerant. Another advantage is that many ports worldwide are already equipped for ammonia trade, which reduces the need for infrastructure investments.

“We look forward to collaborating with North Salmon Service to realise their existing wellboat plans and pave the way for zero emission shipping in the fish farming industry,” added Jan Magne Goksøyr.

North Salmon Service, which is owned by PH Invest Herøy, Nova Sea and Salten Aqua, today operates two wellboats for Nova Sea, Salten Aqua and other associated customers. North Salmon Service’s customers have sustainable food production as one of their core values and they take a proactive approach to limit their environmental footprint.

HAV Design is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo. HAV Design is headquartered in Fosnavåg, Norway.