As the maritime world relies more and more on technology, and as new economies grow, Inside Marine is at hand to report on the latest technologies, acquisitions, mergers and appointments as well as to provide in depth profiles for companies and connect them to new opportunities.

Inside Marine is circulated in a digital magazine format and a hard copy is also available in order to meet the demands of our readers and gain maximum exposure for our customers. It is also promoted at leading trade shows and exhibitions. Each issue is focussed on a particular area of the maritime industry and includes profiles, press releases, exhibition previews, news, views and advertisements from leaders in that sector.

Our determination to work closely with all companies in the marine industry helps to build strong and lasting relationships that enable us all to connect the 7 seas and 5 oceans with one voice!

Inside Marine is one of four magazines published by Proactive Publications Ltd. The other three are:

Inside Industry – www.insideindustry.com 

Inside Energy – www.insideenergymagazine.com  

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Marron Jachtbouw

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John White was born and raised in the old fishing town of Lowestoft – famous for being the UK’s most easterly town. His grandparents and ancestors have a seafaring heritage dating back hundreds of years.

From a young age, John has also felt this close affinity to the sea; be it sailing, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving or swimming. As a teenager, he joined the local sea cadets and competed in wailer boat rowing events.

This passion to be near the sea led to a career where John was ultimately submerged in it as he joined the Royal Navy in his late teens where he served for eight years. Completing his basic training in Plymouth and Portsmouth, John specialised in navigation and electronic warfare in the submarine service. His career took him to many countries where he met many fellow seafarers with whom he still enjoys good friendships. John admits that he also saw many other seafarers and countries… but only through the periscope!

Having married and started a family, John left the Royal Navy to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. He returned to his home town so that he could still live and work close to the sea.

A career back on terra firma resulted in him working for a national newspaper group as a sales and distribution manager – a position he held for ten years during which time he helped promote the annual Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival. This led to a particularly memorable event when John spent time crewing a tall ship as part of the festival’s tall ships race and being interviewed live on radio whilst unfurling the sails at the top of the main mast!

John found an interest in business publications and worked as a sales manager in that role before eventually setting up his own company in 2009 - not surprisingly basing his office right on Lowestoft’s harbour front with a commanding view overlooking the North Sea. He returned to all things nautical in 2012 when the decision was taken to launch Inside Marine.

John is still a keen kayaker, swimmer and scuba diver and is of course passionately involved in the continued development of Inside Marine.