A tin of paint and a berthing hawser please mate

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director John White takes a tour around the ship’s equipment store.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Marine. I hope that you are all well and as we enter the end of this first quarter of 2021, business is burgeoning for you.

It is just as well that I have my full team back now as our workload is certainly picking up nicely. It seems that many of you have much to say and you would very much like for us to help you say it. This is reassuring as it suggests things are indeed going well for a good number of businesses who are all keen to share that good news with the rest of the maritime industry. It’s always a good idea to let your existing and potential customers know that you are operational and trading of course, and thankfully, you have us to use as a platform from which to shout out loud and proud.

Speaking of loud and proud, for Covid-19 safety reasons, we only had a small team in the offices for a while, however, now that all have returned, I had quite forgotten how loud and excitable they are! Clearly you must be having some fascinating conversations with my team as they seem a happy and excitable bunch of late.

I am also extremely proud of them and the way they look after your every need. I believe they do you and me proud with the management of your special articles, advertisements, news stories and much more. I have even emerged from my ivory tower recently to sit amongst them and soak up their positive attitude and infectious energy.

So, what do we have in store for you in this edition? Well, funnily enough, it is linked to ‘stores’ in so much as this edition carries a focus on the marine equipment and servicing industry.

Back in my navy days, whenever we needed to repair or maintain the boat when alongside, we would head off up to the ship stores with a shopping list of everything from a tin of paint to a vital engine part. It was like a true supermarket of equipment readily available to help keep us operational.

As you well know, your vessel must be seaworthy for you to ply your trade, it is certainly not quite as successful if, due to a lack of servicing or the right equipment, it comes to an unplanned full stop or finds itself beneath the waves rather than cutting through them (submariners being the only exception to the latter). Therefore, we give a salute to all of you involved in the service and equipment sectors, without whom we would not be able to trade upon the seven seas and five oceans.

During my lunch break today, just prior to writing this piece, I had to pop down to a local marina where my brother’s pleasure craft is moored in order to check everything was shipshape whilst he is away. Even on such a small pleasure boat of eight metres, there is such a vast array of equipment onboard.

All the navigational equipment, various control panels for everything from literally the galley sink to the bow thrusters. Twin diesel engines, cabin fixtures and fittings, ropes, fenders, anchor, safety equipment, heating, kettle, tea, coffee cups… you get the idea. All this on a craft that would look like a small lifeboat on the deck of some of the behemoths that grace the seas – as well as the pages that follow.

Right, enough ramblings again from me, that last paragraph has reminded me that I have not had a good cup of coffee for a while, therefore, I shall sign off now and let you enjoy reading the far more interesting and informative pages that follow.

With the wealth of knowledge out there amongst you lot, I am confident that each of you will find something that you will enjoy reading about and I am sure that many of you will find new customers and suppliers whilst you are at it. So, without further ado, I am off to our office store to secure myself a fresh jar of coffee and maybe even a biscuit.

Keep shipshape and stay safe!

John White - Managing Director