NGOs and industry send a very strong signal

Leading environmental organisations and the international shipping industry have joined forces and unitedly call for an explicit ban on non-compliant fuel on board ships from 2020.

On 1st January 2020 the global sulphur cap adopted by UN’s International Maritime Organisation, IMO, enters into force. The regulation will limit sulphur emissions from ships from 3.5% to 0.5%. Danish Shipping supports the environmental requirement due to the emissions impact on the environment and public health. However, without robust and effective enforcement the regulation will put the global level playing field at risk.

As Søren Toft, CEO of Maersk Line stated earlier this week: “I am very pleased to see this unprecedented and very strong signal from all sides, industry and NGOs, to support a global ban on high-sulphur fuels. A ban is the best way to secure simple and robust enforcement. Only this will secure a level playing field and ultimately the health and environment objectives of the IMO Sulphur rules."

Concretely the NGO's and the shipping industry calls for IMO Member States to support the proposal to ban non-compliant fuel on board unless the ship has a scrubber installation. Two proposals on such a ban have been tabled by Norway and Cook Islands, as well a united international shipping industry. The proposals will be discussed at the upcoming Pollution, Prevention and Response (PPR) meeting at IMO in the beginning of February.

"Danish Shipping has together with our members put a lot of work into the industry proposal and we believe an explicit ban on non-compliant fuel is a simple and straightforward method to ensure that the Sulphur requirement does not give any opportunity to circumvent the regulation by burning fuel with an illegal content of Sulphur," says Maria Skipper Schwenn, Director at Danish Shipping.  

"Danish Shipping has for several years worked together with NGOs such as the Danish Ecological Council arguing that this costly regulation needs to be followed by effective enforcement. We have the exact same aim: Cleaner environment and a level playing field. The strong message from these leading international environmental organisations and the industry sends an unprecedented clear signal to the IMO Member States. I can hardly imagine that the Member States who adopted the Sulphur regulation will not support effective enforcement in order to make sure that environmental benefits, as well as a level playing field, are ensured", added Ms Schwenn.