First high-speed, long-range electric boat coming to the British market

In a groundbreaking achievement, the Swedish boat maker Candela has redefined convention and created a boat that can fly.

Designed and built entirely in Stockholm, the hydrofoiling Candela Seven is the world’s first electric boat with speed and range on par with a fossil fuel boat.

The Swedish firm Candela’s pioneering approach to efficiency, software and structural design is radically changing the image and boundaries of electric boats. Candela’s boats often outperform planing boats in comfort and silence, whilst the digital flight controller keeps passengers flying above rough waves without rolling or heaving, even in strong sidewinds and choppy conditions.

With a top speed of 30 knots and a record-breaking range of 50 nautical miles at 22 knots, Candela is the first viable high-speed electric craft on the market. The key to its long range is the patented hydrofoil system that lifts the hull above the water’s surface and reduces hydrodynamic friction by 80%, compared to a traditional planing hull.

While flying, the Candela Seven is actively stabilized by computers and sensors. The onboard computer adjusts the foils continuously to balance the inherently unstable craft in rough seas and sidewinds, resulting in a stable boat that doesn’t roll or slam.

After starting serial production last fall, Candela is now expanding its dealer network in Europe. Grosvenor Yachts has been appointed marketing ambassador for Candela Speed Boat AB in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Charles Fowler, Managing Director of Grosvenor Yachts said: “The Candela Seven’s inherent excitement, boundless fun and seakeeping capabilities are intrinsic in its design.

“Once experienced, it is hard to return to port as you carve out thrilling turns and fly above choppy waves and wakes from other vessels. Almost completely silent, and with greatly reduced pollution, this environmentally friendly boat leaves the ocean wildlife and its ecosystems intact and in a better condition for generations to come. We are thrilled to represent Candela.”

Alexander Sifvert, Sales Director of Candela added: “The Candela Seven is the first electric boat with both high speed and long range. Since it’s a hydrofoil, it doesn’t create wakes and is almost totally silent.

“We believe it’s the perfect boat for British and Irish lakes, but also for the sea. Together with Grosvenor Yachts, we aim to become a leading electric craft brand on the British market.”