Engine Deck Repair completes rebranding to EDR Antwerp Shipyard with new website

Belgium’s largest shipyard has undergone a rebrand from Engine Deck Repair to EDR Antwerp Shipyard. Following a raft of investments either concluded or planned in recent years, the company says the rebranding underlines and expands EDR Antwerp Shipyard’s international presence as a full service shipyard in the heart of Europe.

“Our rebrand is not a change of management or ownership of the facility,” assured Philippe Trouillard, Commercial Manager. “It’s more a change of commercial jacket, with the same quality feel, and being crystal clear in what we offer.

“The aim is, through additional investment over the next four years, to present ourselves as the most modern, state-of-the-art shipyard in Europe.”

Engine Deck Repair was established in 1999 and in 2015 EDR became full owners and managers of the drydocking facilities in the port of Antwerp. Over the past years, a multi-million investment program has been implemented at the shipyard in order to renew and expand the infrastructures.

Speaking to Inside Marine, Mr Trouillard said the rebranding “also confirms our evolved activities from ship repair to shipyard, a desire to bring back construction to Belgium, and reclaim the country’s market position in the industry.” 

EDR said the combination of its new wide range of activities, expertise and investments means now is the right time to introduce the new commercial name of EDR Antwerp Shipyard, and a new website - www.edr-antwerp.eu.

The shipyard said its aim is to increase the awareness of its drydocking and construction activities in the port of Antwerp.

“In these challenging times we are proud to demonstrate our resilience and strengths to our clients,” the company said. “The investments both in infrastructure as well as in our new brand emphasises our excellent recent financial results and shows confidence in the future of our company."