Kongsberg Maritime’s US Series thrusters will be installed on new ASD tugboats which are to be built in Turkey by Sanmar Shipyards

KM to supply state-of-the-art azimuth thrusters to Sanmar Shipyards

Kongsberg Maritime is excited to announce that it has just signed a sizeable contract with Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey to deliver high-performance, future-proof US205SFP and US255SFP thrusters for installation on new Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tugboats.

One of the tugs, a 60-ton Bollard Pull (BP) vessel, is the first of a game-changing, next-generation design by the renowned towage company Svitzer and the internationally recognized naval architects Robert Allan Ltd.

The new TRAnsverse 2600 tug can generate higher steering forces than other tugs of a similar size, and is uniquely capable of pushing, pulling and maneuvering in all directions.

KM’s reputation for customer flexibility is underlined by the bespoke adaptations to its US205S FP (Fixed Pitch) azimuth thrusters it has agreed with Svitzer for this tug. To begin with, the requested power is higher than the US205S units routinely provide, so KM has deployed High-Performance Gear (HPG) in this project to meet the customer’s requirements.

Similarly, KM has increased the slewing rate of the thrusters to 5rpm for this delivery, in line with the TRAnsverse Tug’s enhanced reactivity and maneuverability. The thrusters are also equipped with state-of-the-art integrated HD clutches, which have already been sold to more than 100 tugs worldwide.

KM’s US Series thrusters offer project-specific Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling capabilities, while the range of achievable propeller and nozzle combinations ensures the highest possible standard of operational efficiency.

KM is also supplying full sets of deck machinery for this project. The DM delivery includes a hydraulic, high-pressure, fully auto-tensioned escort towing winch with two rope drums equipped with band brakes and friction clutches.

Also included is an anchor capstan with an electric frequency controller and an anchor lowering system which can be operated from the wheelhouse.

Hakan Tunc, Engineering Director of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “The excellent collaboration between Sanmar, Svitzer and Kongsberg Maritime’s technical and commercial departments has resulted in optimization at every stage of the development of this innovative TRAnsverse 2600 tugboat design, including its power, crew safety and environmental impact.

“We are proud to be the builder of this extremely special Svitzer-created and RAL-designed tugboat. We are also happy to be continuing our co-operation with KM for the other projects.”

Tomi Venttola, Sales Manager – Propulsion & Engines of Kongsberg Maritime, added: “We are very happy to be involved in this innovative project, one which has also challenged us to further develop our products and services. It has truly been a joint effort from the tug team that led to this great result.”