Nesec contributes to the funding of maritime battery developer EST-Floattech

Rotterdam-based Nesec Fund Management has announced its contribution to an investment programme increasing maritime sustainability. By providing a strategic loan, Nesec plays a pivotal role in the total capital attracted by EST-Floattech from Energietransitiefonds Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Fund, PDENH, Ponooc, and Yard Energy.

EST-Floattech will put the investment to use in the ongoing advancement and production of the maritime type-approved Octopus Series battery systems by various classification societies for the propulsion of hybrid and fully electric vessels. The battery system is specifically designed for the maritime industry, including inland and short-sea shipping, ferries, tugs, push-boats and yachting. EST-Floattech stands as a partner throughout the project, offering support from the beginning until the vessel is sailing successfully.

The Octopus Series battery system is modular in design, ensuring different types of vessels can easily be equipped with the right amount of energy for the tasks and a battery system that fits in the room available or is placed in a container. Accompanied by in-house-developed software that monitors (dis-)charge status, temperature, and more parameters to ensure safe and efficient use of the system. The combination of hardware and software results in a safe solution offering a significant reduction in fuel consumption, emissions, and noise pollution.

In the coming years, the European Union has the ambitious plan to increase the volume of goods transported by inland waterways and short sea routes by 50% compared to 2015 levels. At the same time, the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is expected to be rolled out to smaller vessels, with cost implications for CO2 output in the vessels serving these routes. Both ambitions for the maritime industry make the electrification of vessels increasingly attractive to operators and represent opportunities for EST-Floattech.

“With over 75 years of experience in providing funding for the shipping sector, this loan for the advancement of EST-Floattech’s maritime battery systems represents a new arena for us,” Joost Bout, Relationship Manager of Nesec, said. “This is a clear sign of the times, and the work of EST-Floattech is playing a crucial role in supporting maritime operators in achieving their sustainability objectives. Nesec is very proud to support this important work and contribute to the sustainability of our environment and of our sector for future generations.”

“The contribution of Nesec Financiering’s to the funding round with Energietransitiefonds Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Fund, PDENH, Ponooc, and Yard Energy is important to bring EST-Floattech and thus maritime sustainability to the next level,” stated Joep Gorgels, Co-director at EST-Floattech. “This investment supports our commitment to revolutionising the maritime industry with the Octopus Series battery systems and redefining the industry’s sustainability standards, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.”