Newcastlemax biofuel trial

Vale, working in partnership with Oldendorff Carriers, has just commenced its first biofuel voyage on a bulk vessel. The trial is taking place on an Oldendorff vessel performing a laden Vale voyage from Brazil to Asia, carrying a full cargo of iron ore.

The Hinrich Oldendorff (209,113 deadweight built 2016) loaded the biofuel in Singapore on October 16th on the ballast voyage to Brazil. The vessel then loaded Vale’s iron ore this Tuesday November 28th at Guaiba Island Terminal and will consume the blended biofuel on the laden leg from Brazil to Asia.

The B24 biofuel on board is a blend of about 24% used cooking oil of vegetable origin (286 metric tonnes) and the balance is fuel oil. The product supplied is both European Union Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) compliant and certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). The expected well-to-wake CO2 equivalent savings is around 18% or 784 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent and will contribute to Vale’s Scope 3 emission reduction.

Using biofuel on the laden voyage is part of the Ecoshipping program, an R&D initiative developed by Vale shipping area to reduce the shipping greenhouse gas emissions in line with the ambitions set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The programme is testing and developing solutions for the use of alternative fuels for shipping, in addition to piloting new energy efficiency technologies.

“We are happy to have great shipping partners committed to support our initiatives and make it happen, genuine collaborations and partnerships will be the key of the success”, said Michelle Gonzalez, General Manager of Chartering, Long-Term Contracts and Operations at Vale.

Oldendorff Carriers has previously performed biofuel trials on smaller vessels and for shorter voyages, but this will be Oldendorff’s first full voyage consuming biofuel on a Newcastlemax. “We are delighted that Vale has chosen Oldendorff Carriers for their first biofuel voyage,” Patrick Hutchins, CEO of Oldendorff Carriers, commented. “We look forward to investigating further opportunities together with Vale to advance the shipping and mining industries progress in achieving sustainability goals.”