5912-Dorsal Black Colourway

Shakespeare® Marine’s 5912-Dorsal takes the industry by storm

Shakespeare® Marine, the world leader in marine antenna design, announced the launch of the 5912-Dorsal antenna in the last quarter of 2022. Since its launch, Shakespeare® Marine has sold 1,040 units.

The 5912-Dorsal has received orders from around the world, totalling 19 regions and going as far as New Zealand, in less than six months, making it the widest-reaching new launch in the company’s recent history.

Shakespeare Marine researches and innovates across its product range, its launch of the 5912-DORSAL VHF and AIS antenna were followed by the launch of the AM/FM antenna, specifically designed for coastal use applications for boats up to 15m. Developed with key feedback from boaters around the world and designed in-house by Shakespeare Marine’s factory, the unique fin-shape of the antenna removes the chance of it getting snagged, whilst the durable outer material ensures a longer life span, particularly within harsh environments.

The popular 5912-DORSAL is manufactured in the UK and has a small profile, which can achieve impressive ranges of up to 10 miles at 25 watts (W) or up to four miles at 1W. Advancing effectiveness in short-range installations, the structure and performance of the VHF and AIS antenna ensures reliable connectivity for short-range boating outings.

Providing customers with an entertainment version of the 5912-DORSAL, the 5912-DS-ENT antenna is a receive-only antenna designed to cover 0.5-110Megahertz (MHz), the full AM/FM and FM radio bands – naturally resonant at 98MHz. Each unit is hand-tuned for optimisation and is designed with solid copper for increased reception over Printed Circuit antennas and improved performance. The heavy-duty, high-impact body with total water protection presents the impact resistance rating of IK08 third-party mechanical impact testing, to avoid accidental damage in close shore use – protected against 5Joules (J) of impact.

“The reception we’ve received from the industry has been incredible,” Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare Marine, commented. “In such a short space of time, the 5912-Dorsal has taken the industry by storm. We noticed a gap in the market from a common problem of antennas on smaller craft boats being mounted out of the way and inefficiently, and whip antennas being easily snapped off by passengers or fishing rods – the 5912-Dorsal is our answer to the problem.”

For more information, please visit www.shakespeare-marine.com.