SQLearn revolutionises maritime training with an innovative AI assistant

SQLearn, a recognised leader in maritime training, is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art AI assistant, a cutting-edge addition to its Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses. This pioneering technology offers an interactive and engaging learning experience for seafarers worldwide, setting a new benchmark for maritime education.

In an industry characterised by rapid technological evolution and complex maritime operations, the need for efficient and comprehensive training programmes has never been more critical. Rising to this challenge, SQLearn has harnessed the power of AI to create a digital assistant that enhances its CBT courses, making them more dynamic and interactive.

“Our AI assistant is a game-changer in maritime education,” said Spyros Goumas, CEO of SQLearn. “It is not just about providing information but creating an environment that improves engagement, fosters understanding, and provides personalised learning paths for our seafarers. It is a tool that’s going to redefine how seafarers interact with our CBT courses.”

The AI assistant serves as an on-demand digital tutor, readily addressing learners’ inquiries to facilitate a better understanding and retention of the course materials. It also monitors learner progress, provides constructive feedback, and customises content according to individual needs.

“By integrating this innovative AI tool into our CBT courses, we are advancing maritime education in line with our commitment to provide high-quality, accessible, and relevant training. It’s all about empowering seafarers with the knowledge and competencies they require to excel in their roles while ensuring safety and efficiency at sea,” Mr. Goumas added.

SQLearn invites shipping companies, operators, and maritime professionals to explore the enriched learning experience offered by their new AI assistant. For more information, please visit www.sqlearn.com/ai.