StormGeo launches end-to-end Bunker Management solution, setting new industry standards for full data control

StormGeo, the leading provider of voyage optimisation and weather intelligence solutions, has announced the launch of Bunker Management, providing the market with the most comprehensive end-to-end bunker management solution that allows users to optimise bunker planning and streamline procurement with full control and complete ownership of their data.

The launch comes with StormGeo’s purchase of the world’s leading independent bunker procurement platform from NSI. The Bunker Management solution will be provided through StormGeo’s s-Insight platform, making it a fully integrated solution for voyage optimisation.

“In the pursuit of a cleaner industry, responsible stewardship demands not just environmental mindfulness but also full data control – the cornerstones of our commitment to a sustainable shipping future,” Svenn Owe Haugland, CPO at StormGeo, said. “I am pleased we can now bring an offering to the market that allows us to deliver a leading-edge, single-tenant planning and procurement tool to our new and existing customers.”

StormGeo has fully integrated the acquired NSI procurement tool into its bunker management solution. The procurement tool has been proven in the market by historically enabling the management of 2.5 million tonnes of fuel to more than 75 clients.

“Price volatility, geopolitical swifts, and alternative fuels are only a few parameters that bunker professionals need to consider when planning and optimising their fuel procurement,” Christian Plum, Head of Bunker Management, said. “Combining AI technology, our deep expertise, and a commitment to market neutrality is at the core of StormGeo’s vision and portfolio. Our Bunker Management enables total fuel management and optimisation, with full data control.”

NSI will be a client of StormGeo and will continue to serve its clients through StormGeo Bunker Management.

“We at NSI are delighted to have found a new owner to our procurement tool – a company that envisions the same market neutrality and data control whilst adopting it into an integrated platform for advanced voyage optimisation,” Dave Wade, Managing Director of NSI, added. “We will remain a client of StormGeo’s procurement tool.”

The procurement tool caters to bunker buyers, enabling companies to continue to make purchases through their preferred channel.