Sunreef Yachts: a story of passion – interview with Francis Lapp

When Sunreef Yachts’ Founder and CEO Francis Lapp presented the world’s first luxury catamaran at the Monaco Yacht Show twenty years ago, nobody wanted to visit the yacht. In this exclusive video-interview, the company helmsman opens up on his personal journey from humble beginnings to creating the world’s best luxury catamaran shipyard.

From launching the industry’s first catamaran with a flybridge to creating the best luxury multihull motor yachts, Sunreef Yachts has introduced some of the most ground-breaking catamaran innovations, including a folding mast on a catamaran-superyacht, a superyacht aft garage on a 68-footer, or a revolutionary solar power system offering infinite green energy.

Celebrating two decades of catamaran excellence, Sunreef Yachts leads a new revolution in the world of yachting. The shipyard is now on a quest to elevate the cruising experience to new levels of responsibility and sustainability.

Get to know the story behind the company’s success and relive the key moments in the history of Sunreef Yachts through the video.