Terntank takes proactive operation to another league by its delivery of a greener tanker installed with enhanced digital solutions

The TERN FORS has been delivered from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou, Dingheng Co Ltd to Terntank Rederi AS.

Designed by Terntank and Kongsberg Maritime CM AS, TERN FORS is the second of a series of two 15000 DWT chemical and product tankers.

The vessel has been uniquely designed with the Hybrid Solution® combining dual-fuel powered engine that uses LBG (liquefied biogas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas), which means that it is able to operate on completely fossil-free fuel.

Additionally, TERN FORS has been installed with Kongsberg’s digital solution vessel insight. The digital solution installed upon the vessel optimizes voyages, achieved by constantly adjusting the vessel’s speed to meet its’ agreed time of arrival and utilizing slow streaming.

This allows the vessel to send a virtual NOR, moving directly into port, instead of dropping anchor and waiting to berth. This also ensures compliance with the BIMCO clause on slow steaming and tracks real-time savings.

This digital solution offers enhancement to their “Just-In-Time” management, which is continuously being developed, providing vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure capturing and aggregating quality data in respect to the vessel’s overall operation.

The data gathered ranges from engine and piston performance, hull build up, to even contact with ice. This data is then utilized to allow efficient and proactive maintenance, evidently leading to reduced emissions, placing Terntank’ s green operations in another league.

Furthermore, TERN FORS as sister vessel TERN ISLAND, is 100% biofuel compatible. The main engine, boiler and auxiliary engine are designed to reduce the environmental impact and perform safe operations running on biofuels.

By combining the optimized hull and rudder design with dual fuel capability, when utilising 30% biogas, in comparison to a same sized conventional vessel, TERN FORS reduces emission by: -70% of CO2 and almost eliminated the emissions of sulphur oxide (-99%), of particle emission, (-99%) and nitrogen oxide (-97%).

Claes Möller, Chief Executive Officer of Tärntank Ship Management notes that “The delivery of TERN ISLAND and TERN FORS mark our ongoing journey to evolve and learn, in respect of continuously developing sustainable shipping across all range of our operations.

“The innovative ship design of TERN FORS and TERN ISLAND, unites technical and digital solutions that optimize voyages, achieves a drastic decrease in emissions and most significantly assists our crew onboard in daily operations. We are passionate and our philosophy is that it should be easy to do the right thing, especially for our crew which are the core of our business. To make this a reality, it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes and the enhanced insights which the digital solutions provide, help us to further achieve this.”

TERN FORS and TERN ISLAND not only drastically lower emissions via fuel consumption and digital solutions and can eliminate the use of fossil fuel during port operations with their HYBRID SOLUTION ®, the delivery of the vessels is also a clear signal of Terntanks ambition to be a forerunner in the sector and an indication of the important role of digital solutions in shaping the new green era in shipping.

TERN FORS has a cargo capacity of 16500 cubic meters in 14 epoxy coated tanks, will be commercially operated by the Finnish North European Oil Trade (NEOT) in the Baltic Sea area and will be included in a pool along with other vessels from Terntank.

The vessel which has been delivered before contract date due to the skilful efforts of everyone involved, will now proceed to Europe fully loaded with bio products.