The Maritime Standard unveils Transportation and Climate Change Conference (TMS TACCC)

The Maritime Standard is excited to announce the Transportation and Climate Change Conference (TMS TACCC) on September 27, 2023, at the Saadiyat Rotana Resort, Abu Dhabi. This global event will address the challenges and opportunities in the transportation industry amidst growing concerns about climate change. Bringing together industry experts, policymakers and stakeholders, the conference aims to explore sustainable solutions and strategies.

Transportation significantly contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions, making the TMS TACCC a vital platform for driving positive change. Attendees can expect insightful discussions, knowledge exchange and collaboration opportunities, providing valuable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies driving sustainable transformation.

The TMS TACCC offers a comprehensive programme featuring keynote sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Topics covered include sustainable shipping, greener road transportation, advancements in railways, aviation’s journey towards zero carbon, and the financial and legal dimensions of the industry.

Trevor Pereira, Managing Director of The Maritime Standard, emphasised the conference’s significance, stating: “The TMS TACCC is an important milestone in our journey towards a greener and cleaner transportation industry. By bringing together industry leaders, experts and stakeholders, we can chart a course for a more sustainable future.”

The TMS TACCC also offers networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with industry leaders and explore investment prospects. By fostering partnerships and synergies, the conference aims to drive sustainable practices and innovations across the transportation sector.

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