Value Maritime launches sister company Value Carbon to handle all shore-based carbon activities

Value Maritime, the emission-reducing tech specialist for ships, has launched sister company Value Carbon to manage shore-based carbon handling, re-use and storage services for shipping companies and factories.

With over five years in the business of developing next-generation exhaust gas cleaning systems with carbon capture for ships, the Value Maritime leadership team is expanding its capability further into the carbon value chain.

“Value Carbon was born out of the momentum building in CO2-related services and the need for a trusted partner,” Co-Founder & Director Christiaan Nijst said. “The demand from clients was there, so we decided to stay ahead of the game and develop our knowledge around carbon handling, utilisation and storage, and the governing regulations related to carbon. As with Value Maritime, we are again combining a solid business case with an environmental dividend.

Value Maritime invented the Filtree System – a prefabricated gas cleaning system for ships, that filters sulphur and 99% of particulate matter. The system includes a Carbon Capture Module that captures CO2 onboard. Going from strength to strength, Value Maritime has been significantly building its client base with European and Asian shipping companies since 2018.

“We are now standing at the forefront of change in the carbon value chain and the very early stages of developing standards and regulations for carbon captured onboard ships,” Rolf Bakker, Value Carbon said. “As humble front-runners in carbon capture, we’re now in the exciting position to help shape the maritime industry and carbon landscape, not just for the next generation, but for industry right now.”

Value Carbon manages the whole carbon value chain from captured carbon to utilisation and/or storage. The company focus specifically on locations where the carbon is captured and the most energy-efficient way to utilise or store it at the lowest possible cost per tonne.

For clients, Value Carbon will be an innovative partner for the whole spectrum of certified carbon services including offtake (sea-based and land-based), processing, transportation, reuse, storage, certification and trading.

The chain can start with capturing carbon onboard ships or capturing land-based carbon at low gas flows from factories. The operations team is partnering with outlets across Europe and is in discussions with providers in Gibraltar, Singapore and Houston.

“A promising business case right now is for Value Carbon to collect the captured carbon from the vessel or factory and deliver it to greenhouses,” Mr Bakker said. “Using our portable purification module, we can inject purified CO2 straight into the greenhouses to assist in the growth of crops and flowers etc.”

Value Carbon has defined each step of the carbon capture, offtake, purification, utilisation and/or storage process in order to calculate the effectiveness of the avoidance or removal of captured carbon. They are now in the process of having this verified and certified by the classification societies and relevant authorities.