Ultratug is one of the leading tugboat suppliers within Latin America; it is part of the Ultranav shipping group, specialising in the operation of tug, salvage and offshore vessel fleets. With over 15 years’ experience at the group, CEO Cristián Lyon spoke in depth about the current economic climate within the tug and offshore vessel industry with Daniel Barnes and Imogen Ward.

Atlantic Towage and Marine

Over the last decade, Atlantic Towage and Marine has increased its vessel fleet beyond its Irish South Coast borders and is now primed for an addition, with a first-ever new build. Andy Probert spoke to Managing Director Sean Harrington about the company’s ambitions.


Based in Singapore, with a global network of depots, Goodpack has over 30 years’ experience delivering efficient, integrated supply chain solutions via a network of strategically located global depots and fleets of returnable containers.

Frank Weber GmbH 

Frank Weber GmbH has owned Borkum Bunker Station for more than 25 years. A family-run business that offers a uniquely friendly and helpful attitude to all its customers, the bunker station is renowned with all who refuel there.

Ancora Chile

Ancora Chile has become one of the mainstays of the support sector enabling the country’s aquaculture industry, primarily salmon, to continue meeting international demands. Now offering a diversified approach, the company represents 15 global brands, offering an unmatched service at a local level.

Penzance Dry Dock

What is exciting about Penzance Dry Dock in Cornwall, is that it is a hybrid of old and new. It is a site of historical significance, steeped in maritime history, but it is also an up-and-coming company at the cutting-edge of new industrial developments. CEO Jamie Murphy is at the forefront of its growth.

Baltic Workboats

Baltic workboats has over two decades experience in the shipbuilding industry. With an overwhelming expertise in ship building, the company has now turned its hand to electric boats – creating more sustainable vessels in the process

R.W. Fernstrum

Since 1948, R.W. Fernstrum and Company has provided the marine industry with advanced heat exchange systems. Being industry leaders of heat exchange, the company has maintained its reputation in the market as an innovative manufacturer.