With clients spanning both the superyacht and naval industries, Netherlands-based Newthex enjoys a uniquely comprehensive level of participation within the sector.


Supplying the world’s navies with mission-critical equipment is no easy task. But with over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, Hydrasearch has developed the specialised knowledge and an extensive product portfolio that has made it a trusted partner for the supply of various precision naval components to the US Navy and many others.

CMW Foundries

CMW Foundries has maintained a cutting-edge approach to its operations for over four decades, supplying castings to many industries, including the marine and offshore sectors.


The latest round of investment at Friulforgia Srl, the Italian forging company, expanded the scope of its marine products. Mosè Molaro, Sales Manager, outlined these new opportunities to Phil Nicholls and Daniel Barnes.

Merlin Diesel Systems

With customers in over 100 countries, the UK’s Merlin Diesel Systems is a substantial and critical supplier of a variety of products and services in the worldwide diesel engine supply chain.