EDR Antwerp Shipyard

With over 20 years’ experience, EDR Antwerp Shipyard is a high-quality shipyard focused on repairs, maintenance and retrofitting. Commercial Manager Philippe Trouillard shared the latest news and the importance of the shipyard’s location, in conversation with Phil Nicholls.

North Star

With five decades of experience supporting the offshore industry, North Star is in prime position to accelerate the shipping sector’s transition to green energy. Chief Technology Officer James Bradford explained how the company is doing exactly that, in an exclusive interview. Report written by Imogen Ward. 

Weka Marine

With a diverse range of coolers and heat exchangers, Weka Marine delivers well-integrated cooling solutions for inland waterways and sea-going vessels. Amongst its innovative marine products, the copper-nickel boxcooler is the company’s flagship product. Hannah Barnett spoke to MD Cor de Kwant and Sales Manager Danny Caffa to learn more.

Maritime Robotics

Initially set up in 2005, Maritime Robotics has revolutionised the marine industry with first-class uncrewed surface vehicles that are safer, more efficient and promote sustainability when compared to traditional boats. Founder & Managing Director Vegard Evjen Hovstein attended an exclusive interview with Inside Marine to discuss the latest in ocean space autonomy. Report written by Imogen Ward.

Teh-Hu Cargocean Management

After almost 75 years of operations, Hong Kong-based shipowner Teh-Hu Cargocean Management has undergone a leadership transition. CEO Patrick Lo and COO Shrah Ng explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Marine. Report by Imogen Ward.


Operating for the past 46 years, DEGRA has been involved with the offshore industry since 2008. Keen to retain the ethos of Founders Jan-Piet and Jannie de Graaf, the company has continued to provide a complete and cost-effective service that does not impact the planet. Co-owner & Director of Operations Christien de Graaf and UK Sales Manager Damian Colgan explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Marine. Report by Imogen Ward.

Cool Carriers

The world’s largest operator of specialised reefers, Cool Carriers has played an influential role during the pandemic in maintaining the sea transportation trade of fruits and other perishables. Equipped with the biggest reefer vessels ever built, the E-class, and more on the way by 2023, the company is handily placed to continue dominating its sector for years to come. Profile by Andy Probert.

Crossworld Marine Services

Crossworld Marine Services is a first-class provider of reliable crew and ship management. With a special anniversary approaching, Captain Levy Capayas, President of Crossworld, reflected over the past two decades and gave insight into where the company is headed next. Report written by Imogen Ward.


In the ever-evolving realm of underwater technology, German firm SubCtech stands out with its innovative approach to ocean monitoring and subsea power solutions. Guided by the expertise of founder and CEO Stefan Marx, and COO Sören Johannsen, the company has carved a significant niche in this highly specialised industry. Richard Hagan sat down with both leaders to delve into SubCtech’s pioneering products, the challenges of subsea engineering and the sustainability of modern subsea energy storage.


As the energy transition debate swirls across the marine industry, eConowind has quietly ramped up production to meet demand for its wind-assisted ship propulsion solutions. Now embarking on its third generation flexible, vertical ‘wing’ that converts wind into extra thrust, the company is eagerly addressing a sizeable order book. CEO Frank Nieuwenhuis explained to Andy Probert why wind power innovations on vessels are here to stay.