Precision Products

Precision Products (UK) Ltd

Where there are engines, there are pistons, all of them requiring piston rings. Enter Precision Products (UK) Ltd: one of the world’s leading piston ring, metallic and non-metallic sealing solution manufacturers.



If disaster strikes at sea, quick and coordinated movement of passengers and crew to designated assembly stations can mean the difference between life and death.



Deltamarin has been providing ship design, offshore engineering, and construction support services for marine and offshore industries worldwide for over 30 years

Variety Cruises

Variety Cruises

Variety Cruises is a Greek small cruise line offering immersive seven-day life-enriching adventures at sea. Filippos Venetopoulos, CEO, discussed his vision for the company with Phil Nicholls.

OL Shipping

OL Shipping Group

With more than 175 years of shipping history, the OL Shipping Group is a truly multinational company whose vessels are today ever primed for the ‘last mile’ of service in global ports.