Swire Bulk

With over 200 years of heritage and the infrastructural backing of its robust parent organisation, Swire Bulk is making waves as one of the world’s leading specialist shipping companies.

Royal Bodewes

Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes has centuries of history to its name, but it isn’t sitting around waiting to see what the next few decades may bring



Using an armoury of data and expertise, StormGeo is the global leader in helping shipping safeguard life and assets, save fuel, and meet environmental targets.

ABC Maritime AG

Celebrating 40 years’ in the maritime industry in 2022 with centuries of accumulated experience through its dedicated team, Switzerland’s ABC Maritime AG is a veteran of the ship management game.

Harvey Gulf International Marine

Harvey Gulf International Marine is the biggest name in state-of-the-art fast supply and multi-purpose support vessels for deep water operations in the Gulf of Mexico. But when it comes to green technology, CEO and President Shane Guidry wants the oil majors to step up to the plate.


Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc

Since the arrival of CEO, Gary Vogel, in 2015, US-based shipowner-operator, Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc has dramatically transformed its fortunes and, as a result, has become one of the premier owner-operators within the midsize drybulk vessel segment.